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  • Thanks DevBCN!

    Thanks DevBCN!

    Thanks all for attending my talk ‘Battling your Biased Brain’. I truly value your passion for the topic, and I firmly believe that you will soon discover the IKEA effect within yourself or your peers ;). You can find the slides here. If you have any examples of the biases you’ve learned about, feel free to…

  • Meet-up @ BrabantJUG – June 2023

    Thank you, everyone, for attending my latest talk titled “Battling Your Biased Brain” at the BrabantJUG. I genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm for the subject, and I am confident that you will soon recognize the IKEA effect in yourself or your colleagues ;). You can find the slides here. If you have any examples of the…

  • Greatly reduce the footprint of your failing test results by Maven Surefire. At Hacktoberfest 2022 we proposed an improvement of this feature.